I am back in the game.

Went out for a two hour hit yesterday.  Served overhead.

Four previous weeks were one hour sessions Light hits.  Nothing overhead, and no serves.

Yesterday I tested myself and I passed.  I woke up with a sore muscle in my right arm and a tight mid section in my back.  Worked on core today.

Now to work back up to three or four sessions a week.  No tournaments until the summer of 2018.  Rehab for a long time still.

6 4207.5

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The Birmingham National Wheelchair Tournament


Played Sam.  I hit great.  Usually I leave a match saying I had three good shots.  But this time I can actually say almost every shot was a good shot.  Serves were off but I know they can be a lot better. 6-3 6-2 Thank you Sam!

2- 4191.5

Played Misha.  He serves very well and is very good with his backhand slice.  I did not deliver my shots the same as in the first match.  Serves again were off.  3-6 2-6.  My hand seized up at the end.  A lot of playing in one day.  Maybe too much.  But Dubs still have to be done.  Good job Misha!  Your serves are consistent.

1.5 4193

Dubs.  Worked hard.  My hand seized up in the second set.  Rubbed some Vicks on it and massaged it between points.  Better in two games.  A valiant effort on all parties. 3-6 2-6  Thanks Jacques Kyle and Laurence.

1.5+ 4194.5

Played Jacques.  6-2 6-1  Good match.  Only a few DFs  After the first few games the shots were flowing well.  Thanks Jacques.

1.5 4196

Jean Francois and I.  A good lesson.  A few too many DFs.  He is a great player. consistent underhand serve.  I did not get back enough.  Hovered on the baseline far too often.  Shots were not there.  I had a few but not many. 0-6 0-6

1 4197

WOW!  Johnathon Tremblay and I.  Great match.  I DFd far too many times.  It was great having the officials there for this semi final event.  We both were corrected on a couple of calls.  It was an honest match with honest players.  6-2 1-6 5-7  Johnathon paid me an incredible compliment by saying he had never played an opponent with such a wide range of shots and skills.  He said he our country it too big it is too bad we cannot play together more often.  He wanted to learn how to ply against my game.  I also would like that chance too.

Thank you John.  I do not want to follow the pack.

The event was filled with competent organizers and committed players.

The next two years will allow me to develop consistency in these abilities.

2.5 4199.5

Now for a rest to heal my shoulder.

OOPS one more match tomorrow!

A great final match.  I was well rested and ready to go.  I woke up at 5:30.  Went to the freezer at 5:40 then back to bed to apply the ice on my right shoulder. Over an hour I iced the front back and side over and over again.  The large frown hot water bottle stays solid for a long time when it is insulated by the bed and the blankets.   Out of bed at 6:50 to make eggs and toast.  I prepared my equipment, extra clothing and nourishment. I knew what I wanted to do as I drove to the courts.  Once I arrived I did my stretches, drank a little coffee and socialized with my friend/fellow Canadian and opponent Kyle Thompson.

Once we were to start my decision was to hit hard, period.  The results did not matter.  Recover deep. Hit the ball hard.  TRY!!! |Try to play the way I want to play.  No lob crap.  Low hard fast balls.  No net.  NO LOBS.  Shots that pull me wide would not be lobbed back.  No.  They will all be slices hard and deep.  On those shots I don’t care if they go to Kyle.  Just the hard deep slice.

Forehands. Past the baseline is okay today Net is not.  Use all your serves and all the spots.  Stick with a kick to reduce the DFs.  I made these choices before I started.  I stuck with them.  I the last game of the match I was desperate.  I went to the lob game loosing both points.  The last four points were a fight.

Thanks you Kyle!

How would I look at my decision?  Wise choice.  I made many bad shots and even missed a few balls.  Early in the match  I tried a couple of slices.  But he had no problem getting to them.  Too many DFs.  BUT I did vary my serve and that really worked well.  I want to play this game.  I had it on both Thursday and Friday morning.  I just worked better on those mornings.  But that is the game I have to have.

3-6 2-6  A two set slaughter can be done in a hour or less.  A decent time would be 1.5 hours.  We were on court for almost two hours minus about ten minutes for bandages.

Shoulder needs to rest.  I will see aht the professionals ahve to say.  I hope i can hit again in a ocuple of weeks

2- 4201.5

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Tourney Prep


Hit with Dave.  All went well.  Serve a little rusty.  Arm pain increased but no affect on my hits.

1 4188

Played with Louis.  Serve still rusty and I moved slow.

1.5 4189.5

Nationals tomorrow.  Almost a month without play.  I better pick it up!

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The Cure


Issues with  my arm have not gone away.  I was wrong about the sleep thing.

I believe, and have been told, it is over use.  Getting to a new level on court that requires more strength, stretching and less weekly time on court.  It must be better in the next nine days.  I do not want to let my doubles partner Jacques Courteau down by being a no show.

Heat, stretches, massage, chiropractic, rest and acupuncture.  In an intense way.  Not playing for a few weeks now.  The only weight on my arms has been daily living.

Today I went to the chiropractors and he thought it had improved since Wednesday.  I can feel more range but the pains is still great.  Including today I have nine days to get better.

Again I do not want to let down my doubles partner so I at least hope that I can play dubs.

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Thelma and Louise in Spain


Single, doubles and ozzies.

3.5 4184.5

Louis and I 6-3 6-0

1.5+ 4186

Shelley and I lesson and games

1 4187

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Spanish stones


A Granny Smith in Spain.  A time stamp in one of your adventures.

I love it when you’re having fun princess.  You are the best.  I am also, VERY, glad you suffered, with blisters.  I hope your butt gets sore from the days of cycling 😉  Who`s the creepy guy checking out your objects?

I’m at home, working, taking courses.  Just a wee bit of tennis, as my shoulder is not fully recovered…  (Thanks for asking).  Massage and Reiki are helping.  But don`t worry I can still knock the shit out of a ball.  It`s not affecting my game.

Don’t forget to pick up some bread and milk on your way home from the airport.  You were wrong.  The toilet does clean itself when you’re not here.  The cat doesn`t mind a full litter box.  When is garbage day?   Leaving my towel in the bathroom doesn’t affect anyone.  It`s not always time to eat.  (GOD, the bed is huge!!!… like  too huge)  I used less than a 1/4 tank of gas this week.  That means I didn’t fill up.  I only NEEDED to drink three beers… and the toilet lid, sits, on the seat, where it belongs. I wake up with your cat sleeping between my legs.  Seriously.  When is garbage day? ? ?

Be careful in Amsterdam.  Resistant to the subversive.   Be a Berlin wall.

I love you, and I miss you very much… You are my sunshine!!! and I tear  (  REMEBER THE SANDY ROGERS SONG  )

0-6, 0-6  (Played DH today)

1.5 4177.5

Hooked up with Duck and some retired teachers.  Doubles.  Fun.

1+ 4178.5

Shelley and I Lesson and games.  Thanks Shelley

1.5 4180

Mike E and I. 1-6  Thanks Mike.

1 4181

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Working my ass off.  Doing the Masters, new school year.  Pheww.  Hopefully back to normaller soon.

Dave and I Games

1 4172

Shelley and I

2- 4174

Dave and I Games

2- 4176

Arm still needs rest but is doing 95% better.  I hope this last bit does not take forever.

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