Spanish stones


A Granny Smith in Spain.  A time stamp in one of your adventures.

I love it when you’re having fun princess.  You are the best.  I am also, VERY, glad you suffered, with blisters.  I hope your butt gets sore from the days of cycling 😉  Who`s the creepy guy checking out your objects?

I’m at home, working, taking courses.  Just a wee bit of tennis, as my shoulder is not fully recovered…  (Thanks for asking).  Massage and Reiki are helping.  But don`t worry I can still knock the shit out of a ball.  It`s not affecting my game.

Don’t forget to pick up some bread and milk on your way home from the airport.  You were wrong.  The toilet does clean itself when you’re not here.  The cat doesn`t mind a full litter box.  When is garbage day?   Leaving my towel in the bathroom doesn’t affect anyone.  It`s not always time to eat.  (GOD, the bed is huge!!!… like  too huge)  I used less than a 1/4 tank of gas this week.  That means I didn’t fill up.  I only NEEDED to drink three beers… and the toilet lid, sits, on the seat, where it belongs. I wake up with your cat sleeping between my legs.  Seriously.  When is garbage day? ? ?

Be careful in Amsterdam.  Resistant to the subversive.   Be a Berlin wall.

I love you, and I miss you very much… You are my sunshine!!! and I tear  (  REMEBER THE SANDY ROGERS SONG  )

0-6, 0-6  (Played DH today)

1.5 4177.5

Hooked up with Duck and some retired teachers.  Doubles.  Fun.

1+ 4178.5

Shelley and I Lesson and games.  Thanks Shelley

1.5 4180

Mike E and I. 1-6  Thanks Mike.

1 4181

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