Ladder match.  31 days since I last played.  Work work and work.  If I wasn’t working I was in pain.  Did not work out for four weeks.

QE ladder match tonight.  Louis was my opponent.  My friend and hitting partner was now my nemesis.  I am guessing by now I have played a dozen times in the last ten months.  The ten minute warm up did not fair well.  I could only go into the match knowing my body would do what it has to.   I was getting one in three into the court.  My serves were about 80%. Game play started.  I was soon down 0-2.

Hard work took it to 3-2  From there is was a battle.  Faulting on the wrong points.  A battle to the end.  7-5  Many deuces.  Many aces on my part.  At the start of the eight game my body started doing what it was supposed to.  Shots and serves I was proud of.

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