Driving Shots


Good performance today.  Luke Sasha and Micheal.

Life is a little depressing as I have to adjust to new levels of being disabled.  I watch able bodied people being lazy and inconsiderate in daily life and it takes me down.  I work so hard to help others and they can’t even wipe their own asses (metaphor).  The red green look alike is an unorganized spineless loser.  Deidre your a burnt out hippie chick, a lier  and a bully.  You breed bullies.  I hope you grow up as an institution and start to care about your students.  How can you NOT even question when a 4.0 suddenly fails a course?  Oh ya… safety in numbers…  Rachel you are not half the chick they say you are. You watched it happen and you were driving the train.  YOU ARE ENCOURAGING THIS CLIMATE.  Good job!  You guys piss me off but I did not need the degree.  OTHERS DO.  If you discriminate  against a good guy like me then HOLY SHIT I feel sorry for those who need the paper.  YES, I am pissed off.

Overheads were all in! A real YEA HA!

1.5 4292.5

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