So Sad


I place my play in the Van Open and the next two tournaments for my cousin Roger in support of the trials life is presenting him at this time.  I love you cousin.

Went to watch today.  Some great quality play.  Looking forward to my match tomorrow.

Seeing many people I have not seen for a couple of years when asked I explained about to go back to work because I was playing WC tennis.  There were a few good responses most we similar to “Don’t they understand you are playing against people in wheelchairs?”  The best response was… “Able bodies.  They watch Ray Charles in a movie and they think they know what it is like to be a blind man.”

Lost 0-6, 0-6.  So sad.  I feel like quitting at this time.  The thought has not been like this before.  The insurance company wants me to work because I play competitive tennis.  I try so hard to play.  I have good ability but it never comes together.  I am sad.  I gave the VSB my good leg they did not give me an option.  I asked them for it many times.  They kept me in the woodshop teaching.  Now the insurance company doesn’t want to pay.  They want to force me back to work to use what is left of my arms.  I feel like quitting tennis to make the insurance company happy.  People have said the insurance company wants you to sit and rot if they are paying you.

I woke up last night after about 3 hours of solid sleep waking up at 1:50 am to pain.  The usual… Tried to rest… Got a little more sleep but nothing solid.  Pain in every step of this morning up to the match.  Played… made it home got out of the truck and walked without pain.  I know the exercise is good for me.  I will play the next two tournament I have signed up for this year. I have dropped my entry from open to A in Salem.  I will only play recreationally after that.  I love the wheelchair community, people who live at the same level as I do.  I will miss seeing them when I go to a competition.  It is bad enough to lose but to have your income threatened on top of it sucks even more.

15 minute warm up.

1 hour 15 minutes in my match with Barry.  Thank you Barry

1.5 4357.5

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