The Last Bastion of Gentlemen in the Gentlemen’s games

Dusan Venic was impressive today with more than one serve at 145 mph.  He usually hit between 139 and 141.  Occasionally he put one in at about 90 mph.  On the slower serves his opponent shanked every one out of the court.  Good tactic Dusan

He was a true gentleman, possibly the last bastion of gentlemen in the sport.  He always let his opponent know when he had made a good shot.  He thanked the ball boys.  He corrected all the bad line calls that were made by the line judge even if they were not in his favor.  Henry Choi helped him when necessary.  A very good player out powering Choi.  Choi was effective and won the match.  From the net Choi ran down a high lob to the baseline and returned it from between his legs.  Both served well.  Dusan tried too many drops from too far back and had success with none of the deep ones.  He used backspin way too much on his shots.  He was effective with the shots when it was actually required, but he gave much to much time to his opponent by using the spin on other shots. Hat off to you Dusan.  It is unfortunate the better player did not win.

Watching Luke Jensen entertain us in an exhibition mixed doubles match was perfect.  Nicknamed “Dual Hand Luke” because he was an ambidextrous player able to serve at 130 MPH with either hand.

My hitting partner cancelled today so I did not get to play.  I wanted to come home and hit the wall for a couple of hours but when I tried to leave the fuel pump in my car died.  I called the auto club and they diagnosed the problem and towed my car home.  $160.00.

I hit the wall for one half hour today and observed for six (does observation count?)  .5 hr  2504

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