In or out

There are times on court when I feel in tune.  I feel I can do no wrong.  I have had a number of days like that over the last six months.  I feel moments every time I play.  It is not there all the time, or every time though.  Daily life takes its toll.  Hopefully we will be settled completely soon.  I want to feel it every time.

I played on  court this morning for one hour.  I usually play one and a half to two hours.  I like two or more.  I am supposed to play again this evening.  Tonight’s hitting partner has been cancelling lately.  It is not fun because I do not want to double book.  Practicing with people is a lot different than taking lessons.  When you take lessons the court is always there and the others are usually on time.

If you want to practice with some one you have to find a partner.  Agree on a time.  The weather has to agree with you.  Booking a court is expensive.  When your buddy cancels you could lose the cash or have to find another partner in a hurry.   So public courts are the best to use.  I don`t think anyone wants to play indoors, except in the winter.

Outdoors… the only way to go.  Wind, light, small rocks, sand, dead worms, people, planes, animals, cars,  and who knows what else.  All the distractions are there.  I love to  play outside.  I love the elements.  Spin the racket.  Which end do you want? Why?  Who wants to serve first?  Why?  I like to play with friends and family most.  I like to hit the ball.  I love the feeling when I am at one with the game.  It is all so natural.  It is primal.  I want t o be the hunter of the ball and the gatherer of information.  1 hr.  2505.5

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