Don”t Think… React

Played in the heat today.  The fellow I played with is on the same wavelength as me about improving the game.  We have been playing for just over a year now and the improvements have been interesting.  In the beginning he beat me but a few weeks ago things changed.  I started to win and for some reason it seemed to be easy.  Not real easy but easy.  I had to work.  I tried to be careful in those matches.  But I seemed to know I could do it.  I lent him a book and started to give him a couple of really simple tips.

Today was fun.  We rocked.  One point was incredible.  Many shots were good for both of us.  I enjoyed it.  Bad shots were due to me raising my head too early.  Bad serves for me?  Too many. 5 DFs Dropping my head too early.  One toss was too far in front.

I took the tiebreak 7-4 to win the set.  With warm up the session took 2.25 hrs.  2510

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