All is fair in love and tug of war

Went out today with the intention of not giving it my all.  I believed that after yesterdays fall a light workout would be much better than laying around getting stiff.  Played for two hours.  6-0.  Good day felt again in good control of what was going on.  Really needed to get on court and test the theory on my toss.  It was right.  I have way more control over my serve with a toss a few inches back.  I felt like I was not chasing the ball before.  Did not place any hard serves as I did not want to cause more damage to my shoulder.  After tennis I had a hot bath and a one hour back, shoulder and chest message.  Will not play for a few days to let things heal.  Will do my daily stretching and weights but I will reduce the weights for the next couple of days.  2hrs.  2556.25

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