Good hit save time

Played this morning.  Spent one hour working on serves with Mr. Y.  We played one set which took 25 min.  Mr Y is doing a better job  of getting back behind the baseline.  That does not allow me to take advantage of lobs over his head and pulling down the line winners.  Good job Mr. Y. He is forcing me to run down the slow or short balls and go short across back.  He is not used to being behind the line.  He has the strength and can really pick it up.  Sometimes soon he will hit consistent to the opponents baseline soon enough.

All in all the new strings were surprising.   During the hour warm up I was switching between the tornado syngut 18 and the new ones.  The new ones are incredible and I think it is best if the name is kept a secret (I do have competition you know).  They worked best when they were pushed hard.  I found gentler shots uncontrollable.  When I played I the set I went back to the tornados.  Score 6 – 1

Considering playing in a lower level tournament just to help  me get my bearing before serious competition.  I think I will be ready to compete successfully at the level I want to play at in six to twelve months.  1.5 hrs 2573.25

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