If I can see it. I can be it.

Hit well today.  For the first time I hit for the entire session like I played four years ago.  Now I feel good.  Was sick for the last few days.  Missed two days of work.

Went out feeling pretty rough this morning. But woke up early.  One and a half hours before play.  Ate.  Finished a coffee when entering the court.

I had only one objective this morning.  Watch the ball. (Imagine that.)  I was up 5-1.  Mr.D held, 5-2.  I served a game only with my slice serve, 5-3.  I was still relaxed.  Mr. D, held 5-4.   Served a game using only the flat serve. 5-5.  Mr. D served and I broke him, 6-5.  Out of time.

Thanks Mr. D… excellent comeback.  1.5 hrs  2591.5

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