Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

Played league doubles this morning.  It was great.  I felt all the nervous that matches can bring into my body.  I had the desire to make all first returns winner.  Hitting the net and placing the ball wide.  I needed a few games to relax then my serve and returns were much better.  I must remember to forget I am nervous in my next match.  I cannot focus on it.  I will have much greater success I am through this faze.  I understand a little bit of nerves are important to have otherwise you know that the match does not mean anything to you.  But I guess the key for me is to do what Brad Gilbert taught me.  To stay back (in efforts) and not push myself to hard in the beginning of the match.

I watched the ball well today.

Met some nice people.  Thank you for the opportunity to play with you guys. 1.5 hrs  2596

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