Hard to Ignite

Played Mr. D today.  It was 2-0.  Then 3-2.  I took the first set 6- 3.

Mr. D was running down all balls and taking advantage of the day.  I could not start up today.  Thursday!  Had a HARD last hour at work today.  Late in the week?  Been going to bed.  My body is sore.  Or at least my shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist.  Ice is my friend today.  Taking tomorrow off.

Did not start well.  Did not watch the ball properly.  Started goofy.  won the first point on a slice.  Lost the next two on slices.  Why was I doing slices?  I started up stupid.  Tried to power up on my serve.  god I had not even warmed up yet.  Too Eager.  I had to slow myself down.

Second set.  Wham, 0-5.  I worked hard to do the right thing.  Time ended and we ended at 3-5.  I only started playing OK in the last three games.  I began to feel warmed up.  Maybe when it is seven below outside a bubble isn’t warm enough.   I must figure out to be “ON” every time.  I have been resting well but I will try to get a little more.

1.5 hrs  2598.5

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