Ms. I = Hot Shot

Excellent rallies today.  Respectful, deep, good, height, good speed, good spin, placed near the centre.  We both played well.  During the match I tried to only use spin serve to the forehand.  IT WAS FUN.  I tried hard.  During warm up I missed much more than 50%.  Mostly wide.  I became easier after the games started.  Double faulted a few times.  I was sweating.  I started get into a different type groove. I remember when I first bought my chair.  I was too fast I could not hit any balls because I overran them all.  SO I had to learn how to slow down.  I then developed a different pace.  For a few minutes today I played that way again but with control; not over running the balls and hitting them well.  I was tracking the balls well.  I saw them well.  I could not believe what I was able to get.

Ms. I has good directional control.

6-2, 0-1

1.5 hrs  2600

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