Damn we’re hot! But it took forever to warm up.

Played Mr, D today.  We both started off slow.  I was just out to enjoy the game.   Seeing what happens if I just play for fun and not focus on anything in particular except the game.  It worked well.  Took forever to warm up.  After about the 8th game we both began to play really well.  Long, six shot, eight shot, ten shot rallies.  (There were some odd number ones too.)  Hard  accurate deep.  In my last few service games my arm was relaxed and wicked.  Most went well.  Deuce deuce deuce, we must have had thirty of them today.  Sometimes no one could close.   DF’d many times.  It was a blast.  Tried to do it all on one bounce but allowed myself two once in a while.  Didn’t get to some. The new flat serve worked well.  I have to practise it more.  Score 7-5, 2-1.  Last game ended in deuce.

Watching  Sharapova VS Kvitova. Great match.

2 hrs / 2606.5

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