Crap it is windy

A horrible day outside.  Great day to be a world class facility like the UBC tennis centre.

Hit with Mr Y today and held the same goals as the last time we met. Almost all first serves were in.  He is creeping up on them and taking them early I do not like that but Iwill stick with my plan not to DF.  I DFd twice in the first set and only used my slice serve twice near the end of it.  The score was better than last week and like I said I held my agenda.  Score 6-3

We played the start of a second set were I served twice.  The first game I only did a flat serve. DFd twice and missed many first serves. Won that game.  I powered up all serves.  The second service was only slice serves with power.  I DFd a number of times and lost but. only at 30-40.

I am enjoying my service games.  Hoping to ad more flavour in the next couple of weeks.

1.5 / 2630

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