Strangers in the park

Melbourne Park after work. Kids were playing Frisbee tennis on one of the courts when I arrived. MrD had not arrived yet so I waited on the street. On of the boys was leaving and noticed me and asked if I wanted the court. I said no it is OK my friend has not arrived yet you guys enjoy it. He turned around ran back to the court and told his buddies that someone needed the court for tennis. Immediately his friends started packing up.

I then started onto the court thanking them all. MrD stated to go onto the court and he was almost at centre court when I noticed someone who had not been seen before. MrD was discussing something with a much younger lady. By the time I arrived he asked me if I minded playing doubles. I amswered with “No I don’t” MrW soon arrived while we got ready and we began to hit. A good time once again was had be all. Played two sets rotating partners. First set MrW and I 5-7 and second MrD 6-3. Young MsS had one hell of a backhand.


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