Queens Park NOW

First time playing against MsN. Fun, fast, feisty. High angle cross court top spin winners in either direction were not a problem for her. Court coverage. Don’t think I have seen anyone do it so efficiently.

How long have you played?
Two years
Have you ever taken lessons?
So your self taught?
Do you compete?
Do you want to play a game?
I don’t know I haven’t played one before.
So you have just hit for two years?
(we hit for another half hour)
Do you know how to serve?
Do want to learn how?
K we will start with the flat serve.
Let talk about the toss…
MsN tried about 20 toward the ad court and the fenced corner… They were all pretty good
We played some games. She first serve forehand on the deuce side and jam on the ad.

Tennis Canada where are you? 😉


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