Its Nice Out


Hit with Dave in the wind, and drills with Faolon Dunphy, Trying to… INCREASING ACCELERATION.  Ask me what I mean by that.

The wind was a nuisance.  Ball containers, paper and plastic bags moving through the court.  That is the big disadvantage of playing on high school courts.  But, the job will be easy for the custodians today as it is all gathering in the corner behind me.  Six courts worth. 😉 It is a lot of stuff.

It was a good workout but lethargic G was there.  Played well.  Just a little slow.  I am not sure but maybe I should not play on Friday.  It seems like there a a lot of end of the work week Fridays that I am slow on.

2 3633

Louis and I at QE.  A very long warm up and then I put on my game face.  60. Better than last week.  Gave him some tips.  Same stuff as last year.  We will work on it.  He wants it.

2+ 3635

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