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Dave and I at Van Tech.  Rallies and points.  3-4 Trying to make THAT correction.  I seemed to have better control of it in Texas.  I blew it a couple of times today.  Only a couple.  Soon it will be a habit.  Watch out Roger Rabbit.

1.5+ 3673

QE doubles.  Played with many people.  My chair clearly left the ground on one shot I was rolling on one caster.  Knowing something might happen but I went for the shot anyways.  I made it.  I love this game.  I have to get better.

Last session of the day.  The guy on the deuce side kept on standing on the service line.  I hit him. He tried to argue the point.  I took it.

Today I am ranked 436.

3 3676

Two sets with Dave.  Working on all my ISSUES.  Doing well at it but it is allot of work.  Doing the hokey pokey.  1-6 2-6

Thanks Dave

1.5 3677.5

Hard work out in the heat  22c or 71f.  It is all the same.  Always a little hotter inland and on court than the reading says.  Played with Harold today.  Still working on my issues.  DFd 5 or more times.  A good warm up on shots and the we played two sets. 2-6 4-6.  We played a Slocan park.  There are good courts there with shade.  It has been years since I played there.  The surface is GREAT!  All is going well.  Must spend a couple of half hour dedicated service practices.

Thanks Harold.

2 3679.5

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