Miss you and love you mom.

Mom and Don and ball

Serves.  Not too bad.  Getting focus back.  Its hard. 50%- (48.6)

1 3885.5

Hit with Shelley at the Langley Tennis World facility.  Nice place but cold.  😉  More errors than the last few weeks but there were a couple of interesting events today.  1.  I flipped over.  2. I could not get to a back hand shot but compensated with a  very nice left handed forehand cross-court to finish one point.

Thanks Shelley

1.5 3887

Shelley’s advice yesterday was that it will take a few weeks before I will be able to hit normally.  Serves went well today as far a power went.  The percentage was a lot lower. 39.58%.  I feel lost.  Miss you mom.

1 3888

Clinic 3.0 – 3.5.  Worked on control.  Thanks Bob!

1.5 389.5

Clinic 3.5 – 4.0.  Worked on control.  Thanks Bob!  Broke a bolt on my chair.   Play level was adequate.

1.5 3891

Hit with Dave.  Ankles are much better.  Must keep shooting behind him.  Gotta take those ankles out.

1 3892

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