Figured it out.


Worked with Bob!  UBC’s Coach Bob Exell is off to the world doubles in a couple of weeks.

This was a rough session.  I was late arriving so that shortened everything.  45 minutes of session time to get it together.  ;);)  Well worth it.  I was late because I was spending a  few minutes with my daughter.   Love ya Lu.  My family is my life.

1.5 3977.5

I figured out what happened on Saturday  with Shelley.  “Best Ever!” It only took a brush of my hand over a wheel and a certain memory came back.

Forcing my grip, changing my back swing and now the way I use my wheels.  Damn I’m gonna be fast.  Life is changing things.  Changing your brain, changing your body.  If tennis is your life.  Then life is good for me.  Many changes at once but fortunately they are all in different areas. 😉  Play in two days.

1.5 3979

Started off well.  Then I got cocky.  Cocky didn’t work.  There are certain rules you cannot break.  No man’s land is called so for a reason.  I moved into that dead zone three times.

When I followed a few balls in I was successful.  😉

New super power is taking affect.  I talked to Louis about it and I will again because it really helps.


Change is a choice.  All is going well.  Thank you for asking.   Working on my three focal points still.  It is coming along.  Back swing is working out well.


Tom and I worked hard under the tutelage of Shelley.  Thanks!

1.5 3983.5

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