3 Points


Still working on the points of focus.  They are sporadic at this point but my body is learning what to do.  At this time all my work can disappear under pressure but they all give magnificent results when they appear.  Soon they will become permanent .  I find I am able to use the back swing on quicker balls now.

Last clinic for  a few weeks.

1.5 3985

Great work with Bob tonight.  I have enjoyed the results form his input over the last few sessions.  There is always room for improvement and I am learning many things I should have been able to focus on earlier, but, we all learn in our own ways.

New range of motion… new muscle pain.

Thanks Bob!!!

1.5 3986.5

Great hit tonight.  Louis, Jim and Dave. It is all coming together.  The focus was on the ball rather than the point.  A good feeling.  I blew a few shots but at least I knew why.

Thanks guys!

2 3988.5

Dave and I.

1.5 3990

A super hard workout with Shelley.  Thanks

1.5 3991.5

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