The 4000


Focusing on using the same serve and only that serve.  It worked well I would say.  It allows me to work on one thing.  Getting back is coming along well as is approaching the oncoming ball.  Too many double faults.  A number of bad tosses.  (Why did I swing at some of them???)

Many good shots.  At least one push.  Good placement and a few with very good pace.

Thanks Louis  your playing a good game.  1.5 hours for two sets.  Many good games.  A few GREAT points.  6-2 6-2

I will stick with my game.  I believe it will pay off.

2 4001.5

High school demo.  Fun.

1 4002.5

Played Dave in the sunshine.  Hearing cracking sound from my racket while we were playing.  Occasionally I’d been hearing the same sound for the last two days.  Another racket broken!  Snapped in half.  In the same place as the first.  Ten years with Wilson and not one broken Racket.  I had not been rotating my rackets for the last week so I think I was getting this one more than usual. I could not figure out why I had such a loss of power.  I could not see the crack as it grew.  It was nice to switch to a waiting identical racket and feel like an unstoppable force again. 😉

1.5 4004


1.5 4005.5


2 4007.5

Dave and I.  Hadn’t mentioned but my knee has stopped working on my artificial leg.  I am having back trouble now because of the jarring and overcompensation with my hip and back.  Sever pain limited movement.  You know…  all the stuff I worked out over the last number of years.  As I said once before.  Playing injured?  I always play injured it just hurts a little more these days and I am capable of less.

2 4009.5

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