Starting over… again


A short but enjoyable hit with Jacques and Tara.  Working of the points of focus.  Staying dedicated to the new changes.  It is a lot of work.  Many shanked shots.

.5 3992

Played Louis. Points of focus showed many mistakes.  Some shots were marvelous.  many double faults as I am working on Fed’s kick serve.  When things worked out it was impressive.  6-4.  Thanks Louis.

1.5 3993.5

Louis and I spent the first few minutes dragging rugs over the court to spread the puddles for quicker drying.  Warm up was almost an hour and a half.  We hit until the court was safe enough to chase balls on points.  Points of focus working out well.  cannot remember now if I ran back behind the baseline on each shot…  Maybe all points of focus weren’t there today.   In spite of the slick surface I felt I played well.  Pat pat on my back. He took the first game fast with an ace and two shanked returns from me.  Soon it was 1 -3.  I managed to pull it back to 6-3 by staying focused.

2.5- 3996

I have been told by a couple of instructors in the last few weeks that I have all the shots now.  They are reliable only when I think of only the ball.  I worked hard on getting back today.  Trying to take the lag out of sitting and looking pretty.  It is becoming more natural or naturaler. 😉

Once I have the preferred shot.  I will have to ensure I am wise enough to use the others.  The choice must be made through muscle memory.  That seems to be working out fine at this point in time.

I feel good about it.  I can change.  I just have to know what I must change.  Points of focus are a must in any change.  I have not reviewed the list for a few weeks and I will stay away form it for a few more.  I will try to let it happen for a little while.  I hope I can see results in the Vancouver and Kamloops tournament this year.  I must find more players to hit will as the weather changes.


1.5 3997.5

Sunny windy day.  Tried to work on the same points of focus. Getting back is working out better.  The grip is in.  Bringing back other grips is working out well today.  Shots were not hard enough.  Too cautious.  Trying to win.  I broke through that and still did well point wise.

2- 3999.5

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