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Hit with Dave and Gabrielle at Jericho.  Good time!  Just rallied.  Caught myself too close to fence on a couple of shots.

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Louis and I at QE.  Most of went really well.  Time to spend more time on Louis game.  We started to work on his recovery.  He hit well, serves well and sets up on the ball well.  These moments of training will make a HUGE difference in his game.

2.5 4027

Mike and I.  Rallied practiced serves and returns.  Work on the old eye on the ball focus.  Thanks Mike.

1.5 4028.5

UBC Clinic.  Backhand crosscourt.

1.5 4030

3.5 – 4.0 clinic.  Hard work.  They beat the crap out of me (sort of).  I am caching up though.

1.5 4031.5

King of the court single with Franko and Jennifer.  I did great.  I was royal much more than the rest.

.5 4032

Joyce.  I was a little tired.  The second hour was not too bad.  A little bit of hussle and a number of good controlled shots.

2 4034

Recovery and the sweet spot.  Thanks Louis.

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