Critical mass


Things seem to be coming together well at this time.  I am feeling complete when making shots for the last few sessions.  I think the changes from the last few months are willing to start sticking.  The serve is working sell too.  I have a couple of ladder matches coming up and I expect to see a difference.


Time with the Shellenator.

A successful session.  Success with my new efforts on shorts and serves.

1.5 4131

A successful match with Louis.  As I improve so does he.  Success means working on the strike zone in shots and serves.  6-3

We played doubles for an hour with Mike and Jadja.  A good focused event for me.  Thanks guys.

QE double…  a little tired at this point losing focus in every direction.

3 4134

Louis and I.  Working on the hub and recovery.  My points of focus still remain the same.  The days results were good.

Thank you Louis

2+ 4136

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