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Ran into some athletes today at the UBC Tennis Centre.  They were preparing for the biggest wheelchair tournament in this area. Vancouver Invitational. It was nice to see them.  Good luck JF, Kai, Misha and Bear.

I have only been out to practice 7 times in the last 20 days.  That’s not good. Blame it on the rain.

Today’s hit taught me lessons.  The old simple ones watch the ball and hit it at the right time.

Really appreciated your assistance Jennifer.

1.5 4109.5

I am lucky enough to have new hitting partners for the next two weeks.  These guys are fast paced on their shots and the serves are challenging…  Japanese juniors!  This is good for all of us.

I am focusing on point of contact.

2 4111.5

There seems to be more time now.  Stealing time?  Creating time?  There just seems to be a lot more of it more often when receiving shots.

1.5 4113

Louis and I.  His focus was on position and mine was the same.  Thank you Louis.

2 4115

Hit with the boys.;)  Thanks.

1 4116

Singles ladder match today against Seyon Kim.  Thanks for kickin my butt buddy.  8-10

QE doubles.

Three and a half hours… Non stop.  I am taking tomorrow off.

3.5 4119.5

Well I didn’t get tomorrow off.

Shelly 1

QE dubs 1.5

Keita 1

3.5 4122

Singles ladder. Joe 3-10.  I am still on the bottom rung.

1.5 4123.5

Louis and I.  Thanks.  Still working on the serve and the shot.  Got a few good ones off today.

2+ 4125.5

Dubs… Steve Baxter,  Mika Ishikawa,  Louis Yong and myself.  A killer event.  THANKS!  Serves and shots.  Serves and shots. Serves and shots.  The points of focus.

3+ 4128.5

QE Dubs  Same points of focus.

1 4129.5

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