Build up


Working on the game now.  In the sense that I will try to only  play games to bring my abilities forward in them.

I have been in pain for the last few outings.  The sweat soaked waistband on my short sit in a very small fold in my stomach while seated.  I now have an 8″ x 1″ raw spot on my stomach.  The remedies I am taking are; keep the waistband a little lower on my belly, lean back a little bit between points, change out of my tennis shorts immediately after playing,  laying down and standing up… Sitting promotes it.  I have to see Karol to find out what to do.

Hit with Louis  The plan is working 6-2.  Bringing forth the strokes.

2 4150.5

Had five days off.  Rain. My tummy healed but after today it is raw again.  Have to take a few more days off and play less when I do.  Two nights ago I slept over my right shoulder and have to bring it back to normal.  Pain to gain.  The play really helped it.

Shelley worked me hard.  Working on my footwork and reducing my assertion when hitting the ball and moving towards it. 1-

Sey and I played a singles ladder match today.  It was a lot closer than the score shows with 7-10.  Most of his service games went to deuce. 2+

QE Dubs.  Taking it to the limit.  Right arm was tired. 2-

5 4155.5

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