The Big Bang Theory


Trying to maintain the point of collision.  The point were all options are open.  Creating for the big bang. Wait.  Wait.  I swing my racket face towards the ball with pure faith in my training and just let it happen.  BANG!  The rest is left to the universe. Whether it goes in or out it does not matter.  I have to let it happen.  We are getting close to it but the strike zone is not as effective as the perfect one.   The perfect one is where it all happens; disguising shots,  loading spins, and shooting super clean shots.

My shoulder is still down, but a lot better.  Belly still sore but not raw.  I have to limit my daily time on court.

Best of luck to Phillipe Bedard in his  upcoming games in Rio.  I wish I could watch you Phillipe.

Yesterday I went to see Haley and Karol.  The shoulder issues are still there but we are attacking the lower abdomen issues. Because I have broken my back before the exercises have to be specific to me.  Karol has introduced three exercises for this issue.  It will take a few weeks to see results.  Karol says I can wrap my stomach if I would like to keep playing.  I have two weeks of classes for my masters coming up so I do not think that is necessary.  It is time to let my skin heal and strengthen muscles.

Full time work (hopefully in a new job), full time masters for the next two years. As mentioned in a previous blog I will only play three (maybe four) times a week.  I will increase my home bound exercises.  Cycling is added in for the morning before work.  Today was the first run.  I had to air up the tires on my $20 garage sale bike.  I road about 2+km.  Not a great distance, but my body felt it.  This is cross training.  It may not seem like much .  But it is.  By the time I reached the top of the gradual hill on Imperial Street my leg fell off.  I had to laugh to myself when it happened. It has been a year since I have ridden my bike and I had forgotten my leg falls off once in a while.

Over the next week I will continue with the three exercises and cycling that have been added in I will email Karol records of all my exercises and he will prescribe a plan for me to follow over the next two years.

I will likely be on court again in a week or so and I will not play for more than two hours.

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