Freeing our souls


55 Years of baggage.  It has to go.  My thoughts must become cleaner.  Purity would be the goal.  This is not just about tennis but it is for ME, for all areas of my life.  This is not about forgetting or rekindling relationships.  I am aware that previous sentence should limiting what I desire to change.  I can forgive.  But I do not want to forget.  Lie, cheat, threaten, abuse.  That is not going to happen again from the same people.  I do not want to forget who to stay away from.  But forgiveness,  I wish everyone,  I hope I can be forgiven too.   The peace within ourselves I wish for everyone.  let’s remove all the past and neutralize the pain, the anxiety, the distractions from what really matters.  Today, tomorrow, ourselves.  Me.  YOU!  We must take care of ourselves first.   I must try to be there best I can be.  Feelings from the past should not create pain today.  But, I don’t want those feelings again.

Both love and abuse have made me who I am today.  They have helped to create a way

Free the spirit, free the mind, free my soul.  This may be the longest journey.

Mr W and I.  Still feel it in my bicep from that bad sleep.  Almost there!

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I will be able to hit again latter this week.

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