Slow mo Hewitt style



A few weeks off.  Stomach felt like it was still having a chance of opening up.  The shoulder and arm did not care about what was going on.  They both felt fine.  Limit time because of chair and stomach.  I will take a day off and play again on Friday.  Today the arm feels a little pain with certain movements but I guess those are not tennis movements.

The new chair is fantastic.  WOW. Rigid frame is the only way to go.  Thanks Roberto, Nathan, Jason, Motion, and Top End.  I let it come with the cheapest tires as they did not have the ones I like to use as an option.  The tires did not have the stickiness I need.  They were low on air as I could not fill them up with the high pressure valves.  One of the steel valves caught my finger and ripped part of my nail off.  Today I changed the tubes and tires.  Looking forward to my next hit.  This chair moves compared to my old one.

Thanks Dave!  Good hit. 2-6 0-3

1.5 4159.5

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