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Mr W. Stand up

.5  4160

Realizing what is going on in the chair today.  Stems and tires cured.  It responds very fast but I am slow mentally after the weeks off.  It does not turn the same but I cannot tell where the difference is.  It is not at all worth changing back to what I had.  It’s not worse it is just different.  The response is fast.

When I designed this chair I knew there would be little things that would minutely be different I knew it was a rigid frame so only the smallest changes could be made.  The peeps at Top End made it 99.9% to what I saw my needs to be.  T57 Gary Legan 865134726  If they would have spelled my name right I would have the whole 100.  This chair rocks (and rolls).

QE doubles. Both arm and tummy were not affected. The arm still does not work properly in regular life.  It is not pain free there.

1.5 4161.5

Made a few more adjustments to the chair the ends of the new straps were in the way on the left side.  Angles needed to me adjusted also.  I had to place the straps in the order of which they anchor me in.  I adjusted the rear caster up one quarter inch so I do not lose traction.  Still sliding off of the slippery slopped seat.  I may have to get a custom cushion.

Made it out with Dave this morning.  WOW!  What a hit.  More point rallies than we have ever had.  His nimble move and powerful serves still dominated the action.  One game in his favour went to 40-30 just on aces and DFs.  I mishit the last serve for him to take that game.  I was impressed with the effectiveness of my latest points of focus.  06, 06… man, once again the score did not reflect the match. My arm is tired but not sore.

The latest tweaks were effective.  Three more adjustments to get the angles on some straps better.  (After my nap.)

Went up on left wheel and the rear caster today.  No were near a flip but it reminded me to lean into my turns.  This chair is noted to you as being FAR superior to my last one.

1.5- 4163

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