Working on different aspect of the game.  The focus has gone from how to make a shot to finding a groove.  A flexible comfortable game make up that is effective.  Using different shots.  AVOID that short slice… a very unreliable shot.  strategies are beginning to form.

Played Louis today.  The first set went 6-1.  During the second I tried to vary my style of play.  Trying to be more aggressive in order to develop control of points.  A few more errors than usual were made but it was a new thing.  The game was sun when this technique worked. 4-6

2- 4340 Big Lou

Whent head to head against Denise in a pro set.  Used the same strategy as when I played Louis.  I played Denise once before and I know she not only has a great stroke but she is fast on her feet.  I was a good competition.  I played at different level than when i played Louis.  My breathing was keyed in.  My head was in the right place.  I played to get a game in the beginning trying to find holes in her game.  I found a couple of spots that were consistently open.  I used the holes when I could.  I played well.

Must take up my pace on my shots.  Set up better.  Last time 0-10, this year 4-10.  Thanks Denise.

1.5-  4341.5 Denise

A tough day today.  Foot pain was incredible.  Did the bike ride.  Meditation and tennis.  By 11 am it was finished.   Trying to sit as much as possible but it is still reminding me let it rest.  After tennis I am usually without leg pain for about 1/2 an hour.  Today the pain was unreal on the top of my foot.  Tennis gave it no relief.

Played Daniel.  I did not get to the place in my mind that I did with Denise.  I did however find his hole and there was one big one.  But finding the opportunity to hit it there was not easy.  Even when the opportunity presented itself I forgot to use it.  No regrats on that.

1.5 4343 Daniel

1.5 4344.5  QE Dubs

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