Fuck Those Who Are Trying to Fuck Your Focus


It is a sport.  Some try to play the game off the court and others are just trying to honestly help.  But no matter what unless it is requested any unsolicited advice does not improve your game.  It is best to be nice to these people and then maybe… have a good laugh afterwards.

Since birth people have been telling me (and you) what to do.  Certain times for some things you do not need advice any more.  Sit up straight!!!

I had two people approach me about my game this week.  Well three.  But Mike E. does not count.  I have been blocking my good friend out for years selecting only valuable morsels that I did not know or have ignored  and must improve on.  Mike’s knowledge and experience are valuable assets to have on my side.  Love ya Mike E.

A stranger/acquaintance? came up to me on court to give me advice on my forehand.  I know his name and have played doubles against him a couple of times over the  years.  He said my shots were landing to close to the baseline.  My power was great, height over the net, great depth and direction great… (so what is the issue).  He said my shots should come down right after the net.  (That is not my goal)  I listened as he explained how to get under the ball.  I tried to hear something new.  I swung my racket a few times imitating his demonstration.  I thanked him greatly for the advice.  I asked him which grip he was using and we talked for a little longer before I returned my focus to the ball machine.

A Pseudo Acquaintance approached me as I left rehab.  He had the opinion that I should be joining the wheelchair division in the local tournaments.  I told him they were horribly organized events and I did not have want tp attend events at this quality level.  He then told me to put away my issues with a wheelchair coach.  I said I have tired but the coach is simply an asshole who continues to take shots at me when he can.  He said he was aware of this but that I had to stand up.  I said I already have.  It did not make a difference, the coach has no control over himself,  it is in his make up to be this way.  I was finished talking about this.  Mr Pseudo Acquaintance asked me a few times what I would do if it was two students in my class and this was happening.  Pseudo Acquaintance kept on saying it was my loss.  When I asked him why it was my loss he could not answer.  He would respond with “Your missing out.” I finally answered his badgering questions about my students with, “I would send the bully to the office telling him I want to meet with him, his parents, and the principal before he was allowed back to class.”  He then asked me what I would do if another teacher did this too me.  I told him what i would do.  Pseudo said I should do that to the coach.  I told him that I did but “he (coach) didn’t get it.”

In life people will always tell you what to do.  In sport people will do the same.  Always do your best to treat these people well.  They are behaving out of ignorance.

The man trying to change my forehand I will not use his advice but I will always respect his good intention.

Pseudo Acquaintance has been in my life for years.  I will very likely see him again.  His ignorance will fail.  The longer he talks the less he has to say.  Rather than supporting another athlete he has different objective.  A few years ago he asked me to play with him.  Before we played we talked about setting up regular times to play..  We met at Douglas Park and it was close to dusk.  We warmed up and agreed to play one set.  Near the end of the set I was complaining about vision issues with dusk and the shadows from the trees.  I took the set.  He did not want to leave.  He wanted to play a second set.  I said I could not.  He insisted.  I let him know that he would not get the best possible Gary because of the lack of sunlight.  The second set was much closer as he depended on lobs that my eyes lost in the trees.   I won the second set.  We agreed to meet again to play.  I texted him a couple of times to set up a play tme after that but he did not return.

Mike E. is my brother in arms.  Wrong or right I will always listen to what Mike has to say.  His honest intention is obvious.

Times of attack on ability are the best test and trainer for focus.  Reflections of the past may come to you play.  They can be positive or negative.  It used to be the negative ones that stuck with me the longest.  I think there is some simple reasoning as to why that is.  Focus on your ability by focusing on the ball.  If you are Serving or rallying make sure you are in the zone before you strike a ball.


Today bike ride went well.  My back cracked two time when I turned for a left shoulder check.  I crave the feeling my body has when I can use it all effectively when I cycle.

1+ 4335.5 Mike E

1.5 4337 QE doubles

1 4338 QE dubs

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