Hits are comin’ out

Practiced on court this morning just one hour thirty minutes.  Cloudy day nice and cool.   Warmed up short court.  Hit.  It is nice to have co-operative rallies during warm up.  Hitting 20 to 30 balls down the line or cross-court feels good and gives you time to work on muscle memory.  Warmed up serves.  Then played out some points.  Good stuff.  All went well.  The new stings felt good.  I had a few really good shots that impressed me early.  It worked well on the serve.  I did not feel the need to try the old strings to compare as the new setup was comfortable.  I was lazy on some points.  That never feels good.  I like the new strings.

An excellent lunch, then a massage for one hour, and a twenty minute sauna.

Hit for one hour on court this evening.  Used the same racket.  Didn’t even bother to use the other ones.  Hits were coming out one at a time and feeling good.  It was not too hot we were the only ones there it was nice.  2.5 hrs  2013.5

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