Love on the Rocks

Hit for an hour this morning.  My partner was not having a good day.  60-70% were good returns.  The rest into the net and HUGELY wide or just missed some balls all together.  All I focused on was nice medium paced returns with a little topspin to make it easier.

My rackets are about 6 or 7 years old.  I have four identical Wilson N-Codes.  All have 4-7/8″ handles.  I will change them all over to the tornado/prince string setup.  It seems to work for me.  They are all strung to 65lbs.

People tell me all the stuff wrong with my equipment.  With the racket I have been told my stings are to small and to tight.  The handle is too big.  The rackets are too old.  Issues regarding dampeners.  That my grips are too worn.  I can wear a grip out in two hours.  It takes me just as long to go buy one and put it on.  I do replace my grips and have found a little medical tape (on top of over-grip) on the bottom two or three inches of the handle can make it last for weeks before I see bad wear.  BUT a good grip is definate ly better than a bad.  The other stuff they tell me about… who cares… it works for me!

I have been told you want to change your racket because after one year of use the stiffness index of the racket decreases by 25%.  Some of my rackets have been used more than others.  I do believe by the above percentage that I should be able to feel a difference.  I have asked but I can not get an answer to what the benchmark for zero is.  What does this compare to?  Is zero like limp  spaghetti?  Is zero a standard set by the racket manufacturer?  Was my racket comparable to a 2×6 before and now is it equal to a 2×4 or maybe a 1×1.  I wold like to buy new rackets but that is $1,000 at least for four new ones strung and gripped.  The money is not an issue when it comes to tennis but if it takes me almost six months to find the right string how long and how much will it take to find a new racket. 1 hr  2514.5

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