Fool me once…

Played Mr. D this evening.  He leaves his raquet with me and today I forgot to bring it.  He used one of mine.  The shot his Dr gave him last week has made a huge difference.  He was unstoppable.  If he improves the way he has over the last few months I am in big trouble.  I think I can still beat him now that he is playing better but I will have to eliminate any risks and take more control of the court.

I missed many serves.  I DF’d at least five times.  Three times in one game.  I have to get control over these latest strings or switch back.  It would be hard to give them up after I have seen what they can do. I will work them for the rest of the week and spin everything.  I like the old strings but at 65 lbs these strings like they did on McEnroe’s racquet.

Keep up the good work D.  Your going to make me alot better.  Thanks!

Score 4-6, 6-3.  1.75 hrs  2579

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