Me Tarzan, you Jane. Primitive behaviour.

Today’s tips. 1. Feather your grip on your serve.  It allows you to throw (or snap you wrist) your racquet better.  2. When you make your shot.  Stay there until you complete it then recover.  I hit good today.  Bounce, hit; bounce, hit; bounce, hit.  I liked today.  Lessons

Relax, play for enjoyment.  Watch the ball, focus on it at all times, even when its in the opponents end.  Hit the ball, (bounce, hit).  Follow through low to high over the shoulder.  Ccomplete the shot.  Focus on the ball.  Recover.  Focus on the ball in the opponents end. bounce hit.  Focus on the ball.  It is now coming back. Focus on the ball…

Once you have warmed up drop two fingers off the end of your racquet then try the serve/shot.  Let the racquet do the work.

Good chess players think five moves ahead.  Great   players think one move ahead, but its always the right move.

I only used the new racquet today,  All went well.

1.5 hrs  2580.5

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