Raining out. Supposed to rain all week. Ha ha :) I hit with Mr S this morning

Hit with MrS today.  He did not stay at the net today.  I think he had much less opportunity to get there.  My first fault was in the third game of the second set.  I quickly duplicated it to create my only df of the day.

My strings broke on the first game of the day.  I had to borrow a racket.  I always have an extra or two with me but did not today.  The only rackets available were a Dunlop John McEnroe aluminium and a Wilson kids.  I used them both.  I found the kids one most interesting.  The grip was so small that I felt pain on serves.  But the whip I could get out of it was incredible.  It really was like holding a toy.

So what is the difference?  It was light, the head was a  little small and the handle was short.  I think it is time for more racket mod on one of my n-codes.  These ones will take a little more guts.  They will require physical modification to the frame.  BUT before I do anything in that direction I will restring 16 gauge at about fifty pounds (try the McEnroenian effect). 6-3 6-0


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