Richmond Open Summer Series 2012 SUCKS!

I signed up for tournament number 600020312 In Richmond BC.

The USTA page states the tournament begins on the 26th of May.

The confirmation letter for my registration states the same date.

I went to my computer on Friday may 25th to see when I play my first match and I then saw that I had lost my first match by default on the 25th.

I also noticed that there had been a update to the site stating that there was a large response to the singles draw and they would be playing matches on the 25th.

No letters were sent to me or contact was made to inform me that the tournament began on the 25th.  I did however find a message on my cell informing me it was 7:09 and my match was to begin at 7:00 as to weather I was going to be there or not. The message also asked me if I knew I was playing.   Had I known I was supposed to play…

Since 1986 I have played in many  tournaments and only once before had problems with communication as to when the first match was played.

I have spoken with one other player and he told me he was phoned at 5:00 and informed that he was late for his match.

All my contact information was provided to the tournament director.

I received a snooty call from someone at the tournament at 9:00 this morning telling me I should have known.  Then if I should have known why did the message  last night ask me if I knew?  I was told that I will not receive a refund as the board will have to make that decision.

I have cancelled all of my tennis play for the next few days because I was supposed to be in a tournament.  i spent the last week preparing for the tournament.

I have never been in a tournament that started the day before it was supposed to.  If I had flown in for this one I would be asking for a hell of a lot more than my tournament fee back.

I feel this is unfair and I would like my money back. (It is to late to get any games in)

I would also like an explanation as to how I was supposed to know the dates that were written in more than one place were inaccurate.

I believe without any doubt that the tournament director Dave Ouellet is incompetent for not communicating that the site had been updated.

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