Hard work in the heat

Thanks to an early start we had a cool advantage. MsI and I. We decided today we would play as if it was a tournament. We warmed up for five minutes. s0 seconds short and the cooperative base line. 12 serves each and let the games begin. She won the spin and choose to serve. |She held in teh first game. I was trying to take this match very seriously. I was not loose in the first game. By the time we finished the third game I changed rackets and thought spaghetti. I was very comfortable with my shots. 6-0.

After we talked about me catching the ball on the first bounce. I said I can do it but it wouldn’t be fare. If I take on one bounce and shoot it back to you so you can play it then you (MsI) will just go down the side or over my head. But if I take on the first bounce the point will be over. Let me show you.

We proceeded to play for about 20 minutes with me taking as many shot as I could on one bounce. Most were successful. And maybe 9 out of 10 were actually taken on one bounce. Two or three actually turn in to a rally. Very few were returned.

Thank you MsI.

MrH showed up about half way through and the then the three us played Japanese doubles. It waqs great. MsI left after about an hour. Went to singles against MrH.


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