Hit with MsI. Same format as yesterday. I was a very concerned about taking the first game. She won the toss and chose once again to serve. I choose the end with the sun in my eyes. I took the first game but it was a lot of work. All the loose shots that I had warmed up with had disappeared and had to come back to life again. It was tough I could not loosen up. I did make an effort to really try. To take the ball on the first bounce. Two of the games were very successful for me. I was able to do the one bounce thing on the large majority of shots. and I dominated. On a couple of the games I was able to also get the majority of first bounces and loose to my own errors. By the fifth game I was loose.

I have to push the envelope to make this work. I will try to follow this format of play from now on.

Thank you


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