A bitter sweet reevaluation of plans


QE doubles.  Lovely day!  Played well.  THANKS ALL!  You guys are great.

3 3695.5

We warmed up on a plastic court.  It was the first time I had ever played on plastic.  The bounce was much different.  Thanks Handi.

.5 3696

First round against Billy.  He played well.  I think we both DFd the same amount of times.  His big advantage was my lack of pace.  BUT, I managed to change that.  In the last five games of the match I was able to use pace.  Placement did become an issue.  Shots were just wide and just long.  Good work Billy.  2-6 4-6

1.5 3697.5

First round consolation.  Jean Paul was my opponent.  He had played Billy twice in the past (2011-12) and had beat Billy both times.  I went in with one hundred percent effort and focus.  I was able to power up after a few games.  It was a successful match.  Many rallies.

1.5- 3699

Doubles first round.  Partnering with Paul Moran.  He taught me allot.  Thank you Paul.  Not powering up with the pace I preferred but I was placing and pacing well.  We were a good team.  His exerience and my speed worked well together.   First open level win since 2012. 6-2 6-3


2- 3701

Second round doubles.  Paul saved the day!  They were picking on me because I was the weaker player.  We pick on the weaker one at their end.  There were a few points when I felt like I was spider man.  High powered shots repeatedly coming at me, six or eight in a row.  Returning them with pace and at times only deflecting but deflections were high and deep.  It was a blast.  Thanks again Paul.  It was an honor and a privilege. 2-6 0-6

2+ 2703

Evaluation time.  I will stick with the same plan for the summer and fall.  Attending the four tournaments I planned to.  I will only add more if I can get heavier shots on my opponents.  I can do it.  I have made the change to add pace but now they must be faster and heavier.  Unless I can do that in the next few weeks  I will not add any more tournaments.

If I cannot get the weight on my balls real quick I will change my focus.  There is no issue about my mobility except that I have to learn more.  I can take any of  my opponents serves and I am able to serve very well against them.  I can handle their shots and I can place well.  I just need bigger balls, better shots.

Plans for the next year may change over the next few months.  I will not stop the pursuit for a gold medal.  London was lost to 2.5 years of illness.  One year lost to an accident has possibly disrupted the preparation for Rio.  Nothing will interrupt Tokyo.

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