Ten days


QE doubles. Great to see the peeps again.  Ten days until I fly out.  Most things went well last weekend.  The current focus is to respond quicker in the chair,work on serves and get a higher pace on the ball.  I will have fun and enjoy the game whilst I work on these points.  |Taking care of mom.  Trying to unwind.  Tennis is difficult to fit in this week.

3.5+ 3706.5

Met a real jerk today.  A friend and I were playing and we had some able body hitters join us.  I was accused of cheating  twice in my first service game.  I defended myself and did not allow the bully to have his way.  Both his partner and mine stood up for the correct rules of play.

1 3707.5

A beautiful day in the park.  Started bright and early.  Working with Louis.  It is obvious that he has been working hard lately.  Great improvement in not sneaking over the baseline.  I worked on my second serve.  6-2 4-6 6-3

3 3710.5

Training time.  Working on the weak points for the Sacramento tournament.  I feel that it all went well.  Great improvements!

1 3711.5

Last practice before Sacramento.  Tired from all the BS life can occasionally throw at you. Work, tennis, mom being sick…  it is heavy but it should lighten up soon.

3 3714.5

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