272 or not 272 that is the question

2015-06-30 18.13.28

I have checked my ranking again today and I am back up to 272 but my best ever is still 276.  I have printed to file.  ITF Tennis – WHEELCHAIR – Player Rankings  Maybe there is a rule that you have to hold the position for a few weeks or something.  The first time I was at 272 for over a week.  I think I will watch it daily for a little while.

Low % 55.56. I am making the changes I deem to be necessary.  That would translate to three DFs in ten services.  That is not good.  My goal is to take it up to the 60s  If I beat that I will be very pleased. 65% would translate into 12 DFs in 100 services.  Or 1 io 10.  I am working hard.

Beautiful day!  Enjoy it.

1 3777.5

Checked it again today and my best ever is 272 again.  ITF Tennis – WHEELCHAIR – Player Profile – REGAN, Gary (CAN)  Two weeks ago it was 272 then it became 276.  🙂  I hope my best ever gets better not worse.

Played Louis today.  His tire blew and the final score was 5-0.  Thanks Louis.

1 3778.5

Picked up a game of doubles.  Cas was my partner and we played Larry and Craig.  It was great.  Thanks for everything.  5-7

1 3779.5

% down.  That is okay I am understanding better what I am supposed to be doing. It is funny how much you can learn about small things by doing it over and over again.

1 3780.5

A good hit.  Thanks Ryan your work is greatly appreciated.  Just worked on shots.

1.5 3782

Hit with Dave.  He slaughtered me. 0-6 0-6  A half dozen or so points were over ten hits. FUN!

1.5 3783.5

Drop and hit.  Standing up on my feet.  Eastern forehand grip.

1 3784.5

Hit with Dave.  Working of THOSE same points of focus.

1.5 3786

ITF Tennis – WHEELCHAIR – Player Profile – REGAN, Gary (CAN)a

Hit with beginners today.  I had to run down a lot of balls and place them nicely for them to return.  Thank you Manami and Takumi.

1.5 3787.5

ITF Tennis – WHEELCHAIR – Player Profile – REGAN, Gary (CAN)b

ITF Tennis – WHEELCHAIR – Player Profile – REGAN, Gary (CAN)c

ITF Tennis – WHEELCHAIR – Player Profile – REGAN, Gary (CAN)d

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