You only need one ball… if your good.

PIC_4043Beginners hit again.  Chase and place.  They learned to keep score today.  Finishing a total of 3 games.  AND they only got one bounce.   They played for two and an half hours!

1.5 3789

They wanted to play me today.  I didn’t bring my chair because I was not going to play.  We played a set of home stay doubles.  6-0  I was then challenged to a set of singles by Takumi, 14 yrs old and athletic.  I really understand why I play in a chair.  I don’t think I have ever played stand up.  I know I have taught without a chair but, I don’t think I have played.  I am a sorry excuse for a player without a chair.  I could not chase anything down.  I really had fun though.  6-0.

1 3790

Three doubles matches.  Jim, Peter, Suzanne, Larry, Louis and Oren.  Thanks all.  I hate serving on the sunny end.

3 3793

46% It took me longer to find a court than it did to practice. A beautiful morning and there were line ups everywhere. I tried four parks and then Champlain. Of the six courts, only one was taken. I normally don’t play Champlain because the surface eats my tires, but there is very little movement when practicing serves.

1 3794

41% LOL. That’s not too bad. It can only go up from here. (I HOPE)

1 3795

48% So many so close. But close does not count in tennis. Keeping the heat on. I have to reach the goal number with pace.

1 3796

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