Strung Along

2015-07-25 08.46.28

Rallied with Dave. The strings are working well. I believe this is my second string change in my tennis life. I found these ones to be aggressive. I think the change has been a very good one. I think that I was able to bring my old good abilities and blend them with new abilities to adjust it all.

Thanks Dave! (old man)

1 3827

Hit with Harold “The dude”. Tired from work. Had a couple moments of greatness. Thanks dude!

1.5 3828.5

Hit well with the DH. Thanks!!

1.5 3830

Singles with Louis. 6-1 6-3 Thanks Louis!

1.5 3831.5

Mixed doubles. 😉

.5 3832

Hit with Bryan. He is good. Thanks Bryan.

1.5- 3833.5

Rain day coming up.

One more month until the Nationals. I hope my employer approves my release time so I can compete.

Time to see, who the best of the best of the best is. *


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