Getting Closer to the Dates. Three Weeks.


The holidays have not helped much for hitting and neither has the cold damp weather.

I have been trying to keep the costs down this year.  I have done pretty good at that.  December was a $1,000 month and January will be a $4,500 month.  Feb will likely be $1,000.  March may be expensive but that all depends on my results in the January tournament.  April and May I coach.  Looking forward to the summer.

March 13th will give ME one more hour of daylight.  I know the temperature will be good so hopefully it will be dry most days.

Last days serving a 0 degrees Celsius was interesting.  I had brought nine balls in very good shape from Narnia.  In the house at 22 degree they felt fine but once they adjusted to the temperature outside they were very soft.  They did not bounce.  At 0 degrees they were SUPER dead balls.  I was desperate to practice so I went through the focus issues and did not let outcome affect me.

Louis and I.  6-0 6-3 6-1  His style has changed.  Many good points.  Thanks dude.

2 3912.5

A good morning with Shelley.  I believe the less I do the slower I become.  Holidays with little tennis had taken a toll on me.  I lacked conviction and discipline.  Thanks Shelley

1 3913.5

Clinic with Bob.  Thanks!  Always very good information.

1.5 3915

UBC clinic.  Worked on cross court.  It snowed this morning.  A real good work out.  I did okay. 😉

Thanks Bob.

1.5 3916.5

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