Less Than Two Weeks to Tucsun


Less than two weeks to Tucson.  Today’s hit was okay.  Many shots were too hard but all were shot with conviction.  That is good.  I must use a touch more spin in Tucson.  There will be less resistance there.  Our barometric pressure is at 102 and they are at 30.  Huge difference!  Indian wells is also 30 Kpa.  The multitude of players are ranked between 20 and 50 in the world.  This will be the stiffest competition I will have entered in my life.  I already have my game plan.  I really want to do well.  It is an incredible experience.

2- 3918.5


Went out today to find a open court.  All were wet.  Even though it was a balmy 5 c / 40 f they did not dry off.  Checked out five that lie in the sun and then went for a coffee.  On the way back we checked one of them out again.  It was still wet.  I would like to practice every second day until I leave.  Time to pay.  😉


A great workout.  Still trying to have a great forehand and working on the two handed backhand.  All efforts are worth it.

1.5 3920

3.5 – 4.0 clinic with Coach Bob at UBC.  New muscles are starting to bloom.  I am trying hard to improve strokes in the smallest degree.  The discipline will help to improve power and consistency.  It is hard to create new habits no matter how willing I am.  Muscle memory dominates my will.  BUT,  changes will come.  THANK YOU!

1.5 3921.5

Workout with Jim and Louis.  Tired after work.  Pfff.

1.5 3923

Hit with Dave/  I am happy to work out with him.  The service returns were on.  Recovery was GREAT.  1-6 2-6 2-3

1.5 3924.5

Shelley worked me to the ground.  It was great.  Thanks

2- 3926.5

A great training session at UBC today.  Worked on forehand topspin.  Focused on my toss.

1.5 3928

I realized getting my allergies early has a benefit.  The last few winters that I have traveled south it has been colder up here.  Today I saw 10 c.  Yesterday I could not breathe.  In the colder weather when I have traveled to Tucson my body has been attacked by allergies.  Luckily they have come before I have left and my body is dealing with them well.

Today’s clinic was a blast pushing my nose throat and chest to the limit.  All is good.  I leave in 36 hours.

1.5 3929.5

36 hours to rest.  Very tired on today’s hit.  Thanks Dave.  I will work tomorrow morning writing interim reports and attend two meetings.  A day of travel, a night of sleep and then play.  I am looking forward to the event.

1.5 3931

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